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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Utaban March 23rd

It's still a week, but everyone who remembers older Utaban/Tokuban episodes with Morning Musume as guests will look forward to this like whoa ...

Ex-member special!!!!!! And everyone's there!!!

(Yuuchan, Nacchi, Kaorin, Kei-chan, Gocchin, Rika, Nono, Mari)

Okay, not really everyone *cough*Aibon*cough* but those without recent scandals are. Even Nacchi ^_~ And Mari!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course Taka-san can't help but tease Kei-chan, as always ... has it really been almost a year since Puri Puri Pink was on Utaban? Hehe, who doesn't remember the dogeball game!!!

So, watch out for it!!! It's going to be an amazing episode!!!!

Oh yeah, preview's up at Hello!Tracker (

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Over the last weeks there've been a lot of topic I'd have liked to cover, most of them being concerts.

FS3, for example, or Yuuchan's graduation concert.

But since an injury on my right hand was keeping me from typing longer texts, I didn't and I'm not going to do them now.

Instead, I'll talk about something quite the opposite of my usual topic(s).

I'm an old-school fan.

Okay, I haven't been into J-Pop for long, but still I prefer the Morning Musume of 1998 to 2005, or rather everything Hello!Project.
Give me a concert or a random clip from 1999 and you'll have me squeeing like a little kid.

Today's line-up leaves me rather cold, unless some graduated members are involved.

So that I find myself fangirling over the H!P kids catches me as rather strange.

There's no other "active" act in H!P right now that has me hooked more than Berryz and °C-ute have.

(by active, I don't include Coconuts, Melon and Country Musume, for now)

But as much as I love Berryz, I am drawn more to °C-ute, for whatever reason.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Berryz. There's no girl I don't like and I completely worship Momoko and Saki, and maybe even Miyabi and Maasa, and their songs all have me bouncing in no time except for their debut single.

Yet when °C-ute entered my view ...

They haven't yet done anything, per se. All they do is act as back-up for concerts (something I hate when it comes to Country Musume, because they deserve so much more) and cover songs.

But they do that with such an energy and such spirit that I am completely smitten whenever they appear on screen.

My absolute favorite is Megumi. She was annoying back in ZyX, but so was Airi in Aa! because I simply wasn't into the kids by then.

But after she played that bad-ass in Goto Maki's "Yokohama Shinriku", she has won a special place in my heart.

She can sing, she can dance, she has personality, a killer smile and, as the "Wonderful Hearts" Flets have made me realize, a body that betrays her age.

Seriously, she's not turning 14 for another four months ...

Personally, I think she should be the leader should Tsunku ever decide to have °C-ute release a single.

I don't really see Erika as a leader personality, and Megumi definitely has one.

But of course, there's still the second oldest °C-ute member, Maimi, my second favorite, and if there's the slightest chance that someone else but Erika will be leader, then it's Maimi.

In some aspects she seems an opposite to Megumi and I don't mean the dance/sing/smile department (even though hasn't yet filled out as well as Megumi).

Rather I'm talking about the personality.

Where Megumi seems mature and a tad more serious than her fellow members, Maimi is bright and cheerful and a typical 14-year-old, if I may say so.

Neither aspect is negative, neither Megumi's early maturity nor Maimi's sunshine personality.

I'm just pointing out my two favorite °C-ute members ... ^_^

Of course, the others deserve to be mentioned as well.

First, there's Erika, the "ugly" Cutie, just as Kei-chan has often been called the "ugly" Musume.

Okay, I admit, her teeth are a bit scary, but apart from that she's really pretty and seems to be coping well with that one not-so-pretty feature of hers.

Airi ... the star of °C-ute since she debuted with Aa! back in 2003 as the 9-year-old lead singer.

She has a great voice, even if a somewhat weak voice, by which I don't mean she can't sing. But she lacks a certain power, if you know what I mean. All Airi fans will hate me now!

Chisato ... such a cutie! Not really more to say. She hasn't yet done anything that has caught my interest except being cute. But she's damn good at that!

Saki ... to me, Saki will probably always be the cutie who "threatened" Yasuda Kei during the Sports Festival 2004, right in the beginning.

Kei's face was just priceless, even though I would have loved to see some other reaction's (Yuko, especially).

For the longest time, Mai seemed too young to be in any group, until I came across backstage pics from the H!P Selection Collection Tour 2005 ... Mai striking a pose ... and what a pose!!!

She's 9 and seems to have no trouble keeping up with her seniors!

Last but not least, I'm curious what Tsunku's planning with the H!P Eggs, since a) he's holding a second Eggs audition and b) since he added one of them to °C-ute.

Blandly, Kanna is cute and fits in well with the other °C-ute members.

But what strikes me most about her are her ears ... Gocchin's ears. See!?

I have no idea how old she is, or how tall, but it would be funny if she would also fit into the height-age-order.

Erika is the oldest, and the tallest, Mai is the youngest and the smallest!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

To Yaguchi

Dear Yaguchi!

Please keep your hair just like this, because you've never looked as bad-as-sexy as now!

Love, Freya

Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Aibon/W thoughts

It's really strange.

Every since this whole thing with Aibon started ... (that sounds as if it's been going on for ages, even though it only feels like time is dragging on painfully slow) ... ever since this whole thing with Aibon started I've been saving W/Aibon pictures like mad again.

I admit, they've been a bit out of my focus these last few months, even though Aibon started out as my early favorite (just for a couple of weeks, before I discovered Mari, and then Yuko and so on, but still).

It seems I needed this Aibon incident to remember just how much I love Tsujikago.

Looking at the pictures on my harddrive, it's incredible how grown up they've become, especially over the last year.

They're both 18 now, a magical number for almost every teenager on this world.

Thinking how they've been in this business for more than five years now may seem surprising to outsiders, but it is not really surprising when you watch them perform.

That's what makes Tsujikago special.

They are pros in this business.

They can do the whole idol thing perfectly, sing, dance, act.
Everything seems to come natural to them since they grew up learning all about it.

And still, when they perform, when they are being grown-up idols, they are still Tsujikago and the smiles on their faces haven't changed at all in the last five years.

Having this happen to them now is really unbelievable.

Because, it is happening to them, not just to Aibon.
They've always been a team, that's why they joined together, graduated together, and now are DoubleYou together.

In a couple of months, I'm sure, we'll look back on these weeks and it'll be just the same as things went with Nachi and Mari.

But right now, after W's last single gave them such a push into the adult section (not XXX, of course), this forced break in their career is definitely a step back and feels like one of the greatest injustices in showbiz.

And just because it was my actual starting point for this post, I'll put up some pictures as well.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kago = Friday'd

So, by now I'm sure everyone's heard of Kago being caught smoking illegally.

I've been feeling pretty sick from this morning on.

When I read the news, and all the assumptions made about Aibon's future, it was a real shock for me.

It is, after all, the first thing something like this happens since I've become a fan. I "joined" just shortly after Mari got Friday's.

But, now that UFA has posted an official apology on its website and doesn't mention any penalty at all, I feel much better.

Of course that doesn't mean she won't be punished.

She's been suspended already, which is bad enough, considering W's new single/album.

But I really hope that UFA won't do anything beyond that and let her get back into the spotlight after a couple of weeks.

I'd be really royally pissed if UFA went beyond that.

It's Kago, for God's sake, the golden H!P kid.

Nacchi got suspended for two months for stealing poetry. And isn't plagarism far more serious than smoking?

And since I'm already talking about UFA ... they say they're sorry for any betrayal felt by Aibon's involvement in this "incident" ... but I feel betrayed by UFA!!!

I love Aibon, of course I do. I consider myself a fan and fans love their idols.
So naturally I want UFA to watch out that nothing happens to my idols.

What have they done wrong?

Maybe they should've kept Aibon from smoking in the first place, but that's not the point.
They should've kept something like this from happening!!!

Anyway, I'm going to shut up now, because we can't do much but wait and see how UFA decides ...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

H!P Sports Festival 2006

Now it official!!!

Hello!Project Sports Festival 2006 ~Hello! Diva Athlete~ will be taking place on March 19th from 12 am to 19:30.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Kemeko news

Kei-chan's back in the news!

Okay, maybe not like that, but at least she has a busy schedule, which is a good thing.
I know some people thought she wasn't around anymore!!!

Anyway, it seems her schedule is so busy that she won't be taking part in this year's sports festival! ...

WHAT??? *freaks out*

Okay, *sniff*, I'm back, I'm fine.

Well, that means we won't be seeing her and Yuko as team leaders again. But it will give Atsuko the chance to prove her leadership qualities, since it should be her turn now, with her being the subleader of Kei's team these last years!

On with other news ... which might be the reason she won't be participating in the sports festival ...

In March, she'll be appearing in a theater production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", playing Hermia.

In case you're not familiar with that play, let me just say that it's a VERY important role ... as in one of the two female leads.

And for those who are familiar with the play ... two because I usually rank Titania lower than Helena and Hermia ^_^

So, that's the news.

As a little gift, I offer you last week's episode of the radio show Majiasa.

Usually, Yuko is one of the hosts (the other being Matsukaze Masaya) but since she's busy rehearsing for a play in Nagoya (why is everyone doing theater all of a sudden? Is it the new trend?) Kei is "pinch-hitting" for her.

It's a really cute episode, so I thought I'd share ^_^